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Where Can Peace Be Found?

“Truth must be discovered, but there is no formula for its discovery. You must set out on the uncharted sea, and the uncharted sea is yourself. You must set out to discover yourself…”
J. Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living, First Series. Quest Books.

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Is Freedom from Conditioning Really Possible?
Prof.Hillary Rodrigues
Talk 39 min.
2 minute K anecdote: conditioning and time

Prof. Krishna: Are K's Teachings Practical?
May 2, 2010 - 52 min.

Certainty, Mind, and the Brain
Dr. Robert Burton & Prof. Frode Steen - November 14, 2009
Part 1, Dr. Burton - 55 min.
Part 2, Prof. Steen - 63 min.

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mosque mosaic with mirrors

im s

Posted by Jane on January 25, 2015 at 10:01am

"You are proceeding full speed ahead towards the moment of awakening."

January 21, 2015 by John Smallman

"Here in the…


Posted by Vince on January 24, 2015 at 1:21am — 1 Comment

Wholeness of life.                                                          

This meditation by three individuals passionate to delve into the crisis faced by humanity and still do is a must read for any.This is an extraordinary document as it covers some basics in regard to reality ad then goes into some subjects…


Posted by mohd ali on January 21, 2015 at 2:30pm — 6 Comments

Observer, Attention and Observed

There are three elements: observer, his/her attention and observed. If the observer is silent/empty then the whole attention is focused on the observed. Only then, the observer can become the observed.

Posted by Sanjeevi Prasad on January 21, 2015 at 4:59am — 3 Comments

A Shaggy Dog Story

I came across the thought that before I could approach the question of what it means to know, I should first ask myself the question of what I know. Thus I asked myself the question of what I do know.

The first answer I found was that I knew that I was asking myself the question of what it is I know, which told me that I was aware of what I was presently doing. Thus my first answer was that I know what I am doing while I am doing it, which brought forth the notion of a presential…


Posted by william boojum brown on January 19, 2015 at 6:24pm — 4 Comments

What Black People Think And Feel

I am writing this for a threefold reason---first because it is Martin Luther King day in the United States, so to honor this great human being and all that he stands for---secondly to connect the love and admiration I feel in my heart for the people of the African American culture to all people who have struggled and are struggling bravely to transcend great difficulty- --and thirdly to enquire into the teaching of Krishnamurti because the way I intend to delve into this topic will apply to…


Posted by wry on January 19, 2015 at 10:01am — 4 Comments

Deutschland - The Open Center - Audio Recordings

Audio MP3 recordings of meetings held at The Open Center, Sonnen, Bayern, Deutschland.

10th January 2015. Michael G Eaglemeare & Brigitte Eaglemeare.

Subject – The nature of inward radical change in humankind.

54 minutes.

11th January 2015. Michael…


Posted by Michael G Eaglemeare on January 16, 2015 at 5:45am

A Finding:

I would like to take the following words by JK and translate what I see as their intent into my words; which is to say that I will interpret his words according to the meaning I find in his words; which might lead us into the notion of the esoteric.

“So is it possible to be totally aware of…


Posted by william boojum brown on January 15, 2015 at 5:38pm — 22 Comments

Why man wants to take revenge on another human?

One simple answer is that there is a pleasure of wounding someone else. However one should also realize the fact that one is born human is in itself a greatest revenge :) which is by default come with all of us - the lack of freedom to soar the skies.. After this realization we will all become real friends so to speak to help and heal each other out...

Posted by Vignesh S on January 14, 2015 at 10:04pm — 5 Comments

For Pilgrim: K regarding the Possible and the Impossible....

"The life that we lead at present has actually very little meaning, passing a few examinations, getting a degree, finding a good job and struggling for the rest of our life until we die. And to invent a meaning…


Posted by sandhiji on January 14, 2015 at 7:54pm — 5 Comments


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    Thought vs Observation 160 Replies

    All these years of participating in dialogues pertaining to K seem to have accomplished absolutely nothing.  Nothing has changed in my life.   Thought still rules, and where thought rules, there is no observation.  Broadly speaking, of course.  In the margins one might argue otherwise, but that would merely be a waste of time.Is there something I'm doing wrong.  Or is there something I'm failing to do?  But when I look around, much the same picture appears everywhere.  And of course K did…Continue

    Started by Hermann Janzen. Last reply by Peter Stephens 4 hours ago.

    We need social change... So what is one to do? 1 Reply

    We need social change, a complete revolution in our relationship between man and man, which has bred this monstrous society. There is violence in our heart, in our relationship. Each person is concerned about himself and not about another. And action invariably breeds conflict; all our life, whatever we are doing, only brings confusion, misery, conflict. Again this is a fact. Whether that action is a conscious action or an unconscious action, it breeds conflict in all our being - whatever we…Continue

    Started by Paul D. Last reply by Lee 4 hours ago.

    Attention only leads to peace 5 Replies

    For attention we must bid farewell to all kinds of feelings, because with feelings there can not be attention., and without attention there is no stillness and therefore we can't come to silence that is required for peace.thus attention is very much required.

    Tags: peace, stillness, Attention

    Started by kant. Last reply by Gauri Shankar Gupta yesterday.

    Understanding Jiddu Krishnamurti.

    Since, Krishnamurti was not aware of these missing items of mind attributes, which are the reasons for fragmentation, he erroneously concludes that 'thinking' as the cause or reason for fragmentation, but the 'thinking' is the function which brings out the fragmentation to surface, make it apparent, make the fragmentation to manifest.If one has a great pain in one of his leg, doctors may inject a pain killer, removing the pain for a while. But in that one may even not feel the leg as well. then…Continue

    Started by Yogi Irushad on Friday.

    Can the process of creating order also see disorder without trying to turn it into order? 53 Replies

    As you know there is a great deal of terrorism. I think generally we think of it as violent acts by a political, ideological, or religious fanatic or zealot. But it could be coercion and intimidation. For you and me, what is the terror? Is it really any different to the experience of war, or some great destruction, like tsunami, famine, or epidemic?Is it that I think in terms of a sense of order, of stability, safety, progression, and a comfort in customs and beliefs? But is this the case? For…Continue

    Started by Peter Stephens. Last reply by Peter Stephens on Thursday.

    Effortlessness 6 Replies

    "So there is disorder.  And order is necessary, otherwise there can be no peace at all.  And it is only in peace, in quietness, in beauty, that goodness can flower.  Order is virtue, not the cultivated virtue of a cunning mind.  Order is virtue, and order is a living thing, just as virtue is a living thing.  So virtue cannot be practiced as things are...what the mind can do is find out what disorder is...then out of that understanding will come order." JK, AOI, p. 212Can this take place…Continue

    Started by Patricia. Last reply by Patricia Jan 18.

    Does paying attention to your feelings heighten your experience? 2 Replies

    a degree in awarenessDo you require a lot of external stimulation in your environment or do you prefer when the sound and the sights are muted and you can see how you feel?  Continue

    Started by Jane. Last reply by Jane Jan 17.

    Does Consciousness need a Brain? - Evidence for Reincarnation

    Dr. Bruce Greyson reports of cases that suggest that consciousness does not need a physical brain and in fact not even a physical body. Presented at the "Cosmology and Consciousness Conference" hosted by Upper TCV, Dharamsala, in 2011.

    Started by Yogi Irushad Jan 9.

    Krishnamurti On Brain & Mind. Nonsense Part Two.

    If one reads this discussion between Krishnamurti and Bohm, with paying attention to the highlighted sections in bold letters, it is clear that conditioning is in the brain, is in the cells of the brain, according to Krishnamurti. That is conditioning as defined by Krishnamurti as past knowledge, memory consisting of past experiences, etc., etc., is in the brain. Not only that, the 'Thinking' is also, comes from brain.Here, you may notice that Krishnamurti at one point talks about the "Interval…Continue

    Started by Yogi Irushad Jan 8.

    Followers Of Krishnamurti, Don't Follow K. 21 Replies

    All most 100 percent of Krishnamurti followers would say, that they are not following K. But this is not due to the fact, that they understand Krishnamurti, when he said, "Don't follow me!", but because, that they have taken the advice given by K, as to not to follow him. But when confronted with any arguments about spirituality or religion, they would only quote Krishnamurti. Then it is evident that they are following Krishnamurti, for sure. But this following of Krishnamurti, as such, is in a…Continue

    Started by Yogi Irushad. Last reply by Peter Stephens Jan 8.



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    We need social change... So what is one to do?

    We need social change, a complete revolution in our relationship between man and man, which has…See More
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    Si commented on Si's blog post Thought and the state of no thought
    "And that is the beauty of it all, the beyond."
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