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Unconditioning and Education

Where Can Peace Be Found?

“Truth must be discovered, but there is no formula for its discovery. You must set out on the uncharted sea, and the uncharted sea is yourself. You must set out to discover yourself…”
J. Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living, First Series. Quest Books.

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Is Freedom from Conditioning Really Possible?
Prof.Hillary Rodrigues
Talk 39 min.
2 minute K anecdote: conditioning and time

Prof. Krishna: Are K's Teachings Practical?
May 2, 2010 - 52 min.

Certainty, Mind, and the Brain
Dr. Robert Burton & Prof. Frode Steen - November 14, 2009
Part 1, Dr. Burton - 55 min.
Part 2, Prof. Steen - 63 min.

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Krishnamurti Quote

Goodness shows itself in behaviour and action and in relationship. Generally our daily behaviour is based on either the following of certain patterns – mechanical and therefore superficial – or according to very carefully thought-out motive, based on reward or punishment. So our behaviour, consciously or unconsciously, is calculated. This is not good behaviour. When one realizes this, not merely intellectually or by putting words together, then good behaviour comes out of negating what it is not.

The Whole Movement of Life is Learning, chapter 2: Freedom is essential for the beauty of goodness

Blog Posts

Nationalist bullying is behind this decaying of sanity, and the cause of our the dilemma. A dilemma we all must face, in the me first mirror of our overheating planet, and dying world.

Bullying is a sadistic brutal disease affecting children, destroying their own minds, if unchecked, if self rationalized, if self justified. Bullying is a continuing, of unhealthy mental sadism, like the disease of cancer. This activity continues the decay , in the human brain as adults. Those who are still mentally acting like raging mad, bullying children, just like Donald Trump and his insane bullying friends in the tee party, are sadistic mental failures in Washington. Trumpism is a…


Posted by Daniel Dano west on July 17, 2019 at 6:30am

Blah Blah

Blah blah blah blah blah?

Blah blah.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Blah blah?

Blah blah blah blah blah!




Posted by Chris Dent on July 13, 2019 at 9:16pm — 6 Comments

The Yankees Are Up Next

You:  the latest pop psyche memes are repeatedly saying that the... oh damn, what's the word for the drug that leads to harder drugs?


You:  the news is that it is trauma that triggers addiction

Me:  self-medicating

You:  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Me:  because trauma

You:  you need a drink

Me: so2speak

You: the unknown…


Posted by kiszka on July 8, 2019 at 10:30am


"You are nothing. You may have your name and title, your property and bank account, you may have power and be famous; but in spite of all these safeguards, you are as nothing. You may be totally unaware of this emptiness, this nothingness, or you may simply not want to be aware of it; but it is there, do what you will to avoid it. You may try to escape from it in devious ways, through personal or collective…


Posted by Pilgrim on July 6, 2019 at 5:00am — 24 Comments

I Don't Know


'Why have I an opinion about something?' - you follow sir? It is a marvellous movement of releasing energy. I don't know if you see the point. A conclusion prevents the flow of energy - get that point sir, get that point. I am just looking at it for myself, I am getting excited about…


Posted by Prabhanjana Kumar on July 5, 2019 at 4:35am

yankee & wanker have the same english root

There are voices i hear that believe in their hearts that people prefer to be homeless.  I'm not kidding.  And it's not like the people who are so rich they don't need a place to lay their head.  …


Posted by kiszka on July 3, 2019 at 8:00am

The Blog You Always Wanted

Word is not the thing.

We are trapped in a prison of our own creation. It's walls are the thoughts that are always thinking about itself; it's own imagined center with it's own importance and it's own petty little concern. This is the trap of conditioning, the trap of society and of respectability. And it says, "be respectable," but of course we are not, because conditioning is caused by the trap of…


Posted by David Stohler on July 1, 2019 at 11:30am — 51 Comments

On meditation

If one wants peace then one must be in this statement correct or is it ambiguous?

Other states of man are productive of turmoils only!

Posted by kant on June 25, 2019 at 1:00am — 18 Comments

Thought is Prior to the Brain

That's right. 

Posted by David Stohler on June 18, 2019 at 4:54pm — 33 Comments

How about a universal self chat application - monologue

How about a chat application that

    - No usernames shown. But many users can participate.

    - No mentioning of other people names, Always talking to self. 

In enquiry towards truth.

Is it dangerous?

Posted by Prabhanjana Kumar on June 17, 2019 at 10:45pm — 8 Comments


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    The good life 64 Replies

    What does it mean, to live a good life? Continue

    Started by Rick. Last reply by Shiva Kebeka 5 minutes ago.

    Who Is Running The Show 17 Replies

    There are no names of Board, staff, or faculty on any of the Krishnamurti organization websites. This is very strange. Legitimate organizations list their Board members, staff, and faculty.Is there such a listing somewhere that I missed?Continue

    Started by Thalia. Last reply by sandhiji on Tuesday.

    Finding out for yourself. 30 Replies

    There is to the brain, implied, expected, a verbal solution to our thinking. For what someone says, we look for an understanding that fits with our understanding. We like it when there is a comprehensible story. Yet you may have had to do something with the computer , or the internet, and been given a lot of jargon, and complex instructions. There are no necessarily apparent connections in the text given, but pointers to various technical, and remote, steps. So you have to follow the…Continue

    Started by Peter Stephens. Last reply by Peter Stephens on Monday.

    This 38 Replies

    This.For some time now I have been using the word ‘this’ or ‘this is’ to express what I see as the distillation of ‘the teachings’. The problem is that this is usually interpreted by others to mean an idea or philosophy. We are used to ‘this’ having an attached object - this fear, this psychological thought, this violence, this self, this idea etc. ‘This’, on its own, is not particularised. It means the same as ‘what is’. So why don’t I just say ‘what is’? I actually often do, but there is a…Continue

    Started by Chris Dent. Last reply by Chris Dent on Monday.

    Competition in any way in any field is detrimental! 6 Replies

    Competition is not good at all for  understanding of self.Hence competion,comparison etc have been totally denied by K.Yes,it is not going to add anything a good at all in our understanding of oneself.And without understanding we can not change our ways of living and this is very much detrimental to us.Also we must not think in terms of some sort of group formation .,because any group is always isolating.we must be open for all for discussion which can be helpful for the transformation of…Continue

    Tags: society, group, transformation, bad, comparison

    Started by kant. Last reply by kant Jul 12.

    World can be free of all miseries. 14 Replies

    One has to live meditation,love and truth to be transformed now.(K)Then only there is a possibility for the world to be free of all corruption, miseries prevalent now.(my musings,om om om!!!)Continue

    Tags: love, truth, meditation, corruption, Miseries

    Started by kant. Last reply by kant Jul 9.

    Ask yourself. 13 Replies

    Ask yourself. Am I quietly observing or am I working from thought? Of course the writer, the thinker, cannot understand this. They are content to be using thought, and any suggestion of not using thought, is put as a separate exercise with episodes of thought and non-thought. They don’t understand fundamentally they are conditioned, motivated by thought, and the outcome is thought. The field of thought is the basis of our industrial, technological, lives. Activities such as writing, talking,…Continue

    Started by Peter Stephens. Last reply by Dean R. Smith Jun 17.

    Where does it start? 10 Replies

    Where does it start? Did you read a book or watch a video? But still, where does it start really? Is it some disorder in our lives, some upset, some confusion, and we are looking for answers? Or is it a concern for the terrible state of the World, and the future of mankind?  I am concerned. We tend to think there is some benefit in talking about it all. But we are a part of the disorder and terrible state of the World.  We are led to think changing the content of what we are thinking, modifying…Continue

    Started by Peter Stephens. Last reply by Peter Stephens Jun 13.

    Maybe we need to talk about the basics? 42 Replies

    Maybe we need to talk about the basics?Mostly we aren’t very aware. There are sensations we know about, hunger for example. But in the daily routine what happens is I ask myself, is it Lunch time? Or I might start thinking about what to eat. I get an idea about eating a meal, and this relates to feeding myself, but mainly it is a routine.   I am working with the idea, and what this proposes. I might assume I understand hunger, for example, but actually it is a part of a program of desire which…Continue

    Started by Peter Stephens. Last reply by Shiva Kebeka Jun 3.

    On 'Action' 7 Replies

    Action without the self is said to be 'Action'.Other types are wrong actions only!Continue

    Tags: wrong, self, right, Action

    Started by kant. Last reply by kant May 22.



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    20 hours ago
    Thalia commented on Thalia's blog post Examining the existence of the “self” bereft of all experience.
    "Can the mind keep awake without the stimulus of experience? - implying a great sensitivity, both…"
    20 hours ago
    Shiva Kebeka replied to Rick's discussion The good life
    "... the fact of human greed, violence and war, and all that, for which I am responsible.  You,…"
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